The Share & Care foundation, USA helped us in shaping up the project of community Health Centre and a mother and child care (MCH) services in the Bhopoli Village. We came up with a 10 bedded cottage hospital on the land donated by a kind donor and a well equipped Mobile Van to serve the community. The Tata Social Welfare Trust chipped in to expand these services to reach 10 villages. Today we are reaching 25 villages and more than 150 padas in the locality.

Today, all these continuous and dedicated efforts have allowed us to touch the hearts of the self respecting, underprivileged, poverty stricken tribal community.

We have launched a pioneering and unique programme of “Homoeopathy based barefoot doctors” which trains the tribal women as community health volunteers. The CHVs are the bridge between the community & the organization.  They have formed the bedrock of our efforts to take the community on the path of health. CHVs are trained to provide first aid, promote ANC & institutional deliveries. The Department of AYUSH has recognized this programme as a Model Programme for providing Mother and Child health through Homoeopathy nationwide.

To further the work Dept. of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Govt of India, granted us a 3 year Mother and Child Health Programme and recognized us as a Service NGO.

Our journey of holistic health led to a realization that a hungry person cannot be helped by medicines alone, however powerful. He needs work for his hands, which will give food for himself and his family.

In line with that philosophy, we embarked upon Organic Farming initiative, Education programmes, Sustainable livelihood programme and Self Help Groups to improve economic health of people. We also support Warli Art to preserve and promote tribal art & culture.