The book handles perhaps the most important issue in Homoeopathic Practice -The Unprejudiced Observer. This has been explored here in a very simple yet vigorous manner, establishing meaningful correlations with the concept of the Past Masters and Modern educational practices

In this book, Dr. Tiwari speaks of his lifelong search for the causes of prejudice through various areas of Homoeopathic Practice and discusses how to identify and handle it in practice.

Prejudice acts as a black mask, frozen on our face through the grime of ignorance and unresolved experience. As we become self-aware, the mask gradually peels off in layers of grey, gradually brightening the perspective.

Dr. Nityanand Tiwari, Formerly Prof and HOD of Department of Homoeopathic Philosophy at the Dr M L Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Pg Institute, currently he is a Mentor of the Institute and Professor Emeritus, MLDMHI.

A ‘must read’ for all Homoeopathic students and those practitioners who are actively searching for ways and means to encounter prejudice.

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