Dr. Rajesh Yadav

General Secretary, MLDMHIAA and Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry

It was a dream come true! More than 15 years after the establishment of the MLDMHI, the alumni were to meet on the 15th of July 2018 in the new auditorium at RHH Palghar and establish the Association.

And the occasion was special. The alumni meet followed an unprecedented event in May 2018. Our beloved Tiwari Sir was elevated as a Governing Board Member of the CCH, New Delhi. It was a joyous moment for the ICR – MLDMHI fraternity. It was a national recognition of the labour of love put in by our Founders, Dr. LDD sir and Dr. MLD sir, for close to 80 years, in giving a scientific status to Homoeopathy and attempting to standardize its practice. Tiwari Sir, having learnt the finer nuances from MLD sir, was admirably suited to the task of initiating the reconstruction of Homoeopathic education in this country. The alumni decided to felicitate Tiwari Sir as also the senior Faculty members for their various achievements and recognitions they had acquired in the professional field. Kumar sir (long-time member of the committees of the CCRH), Kapse sir (Member of the MCH and BOS as well as Faculty, MUHS), Anoop sir (Member of the NABH AYUSH Technical Board, New Delhi as well as member of the Governing Board, NIH Kolkatta) and Bipin sir (the new Principal as well as being the recipient of the Chinmaya Chikitsa Ratna Puraskar from the World Jain forum).

The second floor was indeed decked up to receive the alumni. The students and faculty had spent the best part of the previous evening and night doing up the place. Creativity was at its height when some of the media-savvy, artistically inclined students made short videos showcasing the growth of the Institute over the previous decade.

After an impressive clinical presentation by the RHS team on managing malnutrition in the Vikramgarh Taluka with Homoeopathic intervention (reported in this issue), the felicitation programme was conducted by Drs. Nikunj and Devangini with not a few emotional moments! Both Tiwari sir and Kumar sir were presented with impressively written scrolls (the one presented to Tiwari sir is being reproduced in this issue) and all received books (not bouquets!) so that they could continue to learn and be of greater benefit to the Institute in the years to come. It is notable that in spite of the rains threatening the metropolis, the attendance at the function was impressive. Past students of both the ICR and the MLDMHI attended from near and far, of whom 61 were past students of the MLDMHI. And all stayed on till the end when the Constitution of the alumni was adopted after constructive deliberation from all participants.

It was not all emotions and enjoyment and delicious food that marked this day. A lot of seminal decisions were taken. Office-bearers for the Alumni Association were selected. 9 Regional Associations were formed comprising of Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Nashik and North Maharashtra, Vidarbha, Marathwada, Gujarat, South and North and their Chairman (faculty members) and members were chosen. Alumni of different subjects met their faculty members in the newly structured Departments which were decorated impressively to receive them. A lot of meaningful discussions occurred relating to deepening of the association of the members and establishing a two-way traffic whereby the members would benefit from the experienced faculty and would also contribute to the development of their respective department and guide the freshly passed out students to settle in their practice. The project of the e-Journal was announced and the alumni were requested to actively contribute to it by sharing their valuable experiences.

A souvenir to mark the occasion was a hit. It was a mug artistically designed by our media expert, Ms. Sayli Walke, showing the Palghar Hospital building and the logo in all its glory.

This is only the beginning of a long and endless journey. We look forward to many such occasions where the alumni meet, share and deepen their relationship so that the practice of Standardized Homoeopathy grows and continues to spread all around.



Dr Manasi Surti

Dearest Tiwari sir,

This day is a day where you are going to witness the volume of love and respect you have earned.  So, so fortunate to be your

Dr Manasi Surti

student (student of MLDMHI). Feeling bad for being unable to make my presence as I am in United States. So trying to make my presence through internet. Unable to be there physically but can be present mentally (taken field of psychiatry too literally !)

When I saw you for the first time in the session, I was so amazed to see that you were still working!! Never saw anybody working so actively in academic field at your age. I used to enjoy life and living sessions because of the discussions and obviously the amount of assignment was less lengthy comparatively. I vividly remember the session where we were asked to portray our vision on chart paper and it was being looked upon by you and Kapse sir. That day I felt I have landed in an institute which is different in itself in every way. Now I think I do understand what makes it different.  We loved your presence in psychiatry sessions. After finishing our presentations we used to take a deep breath but then there was a voice which always used to make us think that we have missed correlation of our topic with Organon and for that matter with Homeopathy.

You took our care like grandfather (I mean it): One fine day it happened that Kumar sir was not going to come early for session and Manoj sir was to take over entire session. Sunita madam was not available because she had to conduct seminar somewhere. We were waiting and waiting for someone to come so that we could start the session. Nobody came! That was the first time. Otherwise it was vice-a-versa! We spent some time in canteen and then we gathered strength somehow to call Manoj sir to ask about session. Then we came to know that he too had to go to Karjan College. So he asked us to start session amongst ourselves and write a report immediately after session. We were excited. We were feeling proud that our faculty had so much faith that they asked us to conduct session on our own. Meanwhile, this message of nobody available was passed on to Kumar sir. At that time Tiwari sir, you were staying at Khanpada occasionally. So you managed to come to college and check out what exactly we were doing. When you came we were running presentations the way we used to run among faculty. To verify how much we have grasped you asked us a couple of questions too. It was a session on functional MRI, CT scan and investigations. By God’s grace we could answer and you were happy that we sincerely did our job. Thereafter I think we were considered sincere and disciplined students. In Organon session, you used to cite our example and say (ye psychiatry bacche unke faculty ki absence mein padhte hai, sikho unse kuch) and we used to feel proud on ourselves.

Today we are able to understand and realise the care, concern and efforts that all of you have taken for us. I see this as an opportunity to say thanks and to feel blessed by teachers like you who can role play as family.

I remember how you used to call us and ask us about our mental state and somehow you used to have a fair grasp of what was going on inside us. When we used to meet you, we used to end up feeling motivated or ventilating in front of you.  You have been binding force for the institute. We have witnessed you taking care of individuals personally by approaching them. In a real sense you are a mentor of the Institute.

Sir, you are the one who played a vital role in making us feel at home.  You won our hearts by your humour and your reprimands. When we were about to end our MD we used to feel happy after your reprimands. We used to feel that someone is caring for what is happening to us. Not to forget about the insights we used to get after discussing CSEF with you. In spite of not having an opportunity to be in your OPD, we discussed CSEF due to cases in the session and it allowed us to cultivate an observer within.

What we all need to learn from you is your dedication towards work and the manner in which you make efforts to reach out to us. I remember when you recovered from your illness and I was a medical officer, you used to come to psychiatry ward to see patients and know about how files are taken care of and how SCRs in IPD are worked upon.

Very few can teach from the way they live life and you are one of them, Sir. Things might have come up haphazardly but emotions are difficult to present in an organized fashion.

We are blessed to have a mentor like you.

I remember that on MLD Sir’s birthday, on Guru Pournima, you shared your bond with Sir and how you all students gifted a bag to MLD Sir. All those sharing have left deep impressions on what we are today. You have been truly dynamic.

Take care and thank you for being as amazing as you are and for teaching the meaning of the word ‘teacher’!

With great regard, Dear Sir,

Dr. Manasi

Office bearers of the MLDMHIAA

No Post Person
1 President Dr. Bipin Jain
2 Vice President Dr. Shama Rao
3 General Secretary Dr. Rajesh Yadav
4 Joint Secretary Dr. Pushkar Mahajan
5 Treasurer Mrs. Poonam Sawant
6 Patron Dr. Kumar Dhawale


General Executive Committee -9 alumni

A Office bearers of MLDMHIAA 6 (see above)
B Chairpersons of GAC 9 (See below)
C1 Dr. Chanchal Khandelwal
C2 Dr.Bhavya Sehgal
C3 Dr. Rashmi Shukla
C4 Dr. Ranjit Dhole
C5 Dr. Vilas Satpute
C6 Dr.Nirav Rughani
C7 Dr. Balkrishna Pai
C8 Dr. Rajesh Nalawade
C9 Dr.Arun Gawande