Mihir Parikh MD (Hom)
Campus Director, MKSH & EC and Prof Homoeopathic Philosophy, MKSHMC

Homoeopathic Education & Charitable Trust [HECT] & the Institute of Clinical Research [ICR] Vadodara Branch have been working in the field of Homoeopathic education since 21 years, organizing Seminars, Symposia, Workshops and Training programmes for Homoeopaths & Homoeopathic students.

Looking to the state of Homoeopathic education in the UG & PG colleges the feeling which comes up is …

  • Is Homoeopathy a dying science?
  • Will Homoeopaths become an extinct species?

The Unstructured, Unorganized and Unstandardized teaching with almost complete absence of clinical exposure to students is giving a ‘doomed’ feeling for the great science.

Therefore, after nearly 10 years, HECT with ICR- Vadodara again launched two innovative programs for the all serious & desirous learners of Homoeopathy.



This orientation Program is designed to bridge the gap between PRACTICE and PHILOSOPHY by using the unique ICR methodology of case-based intensive group discussion. The day-to-day practice-related aspects of Applied Organon & Applied Materia Medica are discussed by experienced teaching faculty of at least 10 years experience from various parts of Gujarat. Exposure to Homoeopathic literature is the mark of this programme.

Case-Based Discussion by applying Problem-solving methodology is the unique feature. This IOP is organized once a month on various clinical topics well-supported by philosophical & applied concepts of Homoeopathy.

The topics planned are –

  1. Understanding Homoeopathy- its scientificity. Bridging the gap between PRACTICE ó PHILOSOPHY
  2. Homoeopathic management of Fevers & Pain
  3. Case Taking ó Case Receiving. Techniques of Homoeopathic Case taking
  4. Management of Endocrinal Disorders
  5. Approach to Paediatric disorders
  6. Management of Respiratory disorders
  7. Management of Skin disorders
  8. Homoeopathic management of Psychiatric Disorders
  9. Non-Surgical Management of Surgical diseases
  10. How to study Homoeopathic Materia Medica
  11. Understanding Miasm & its clinical practice
  12. Understanding Susceptibility – Posology – Remedy Reaction through cases

Evidence-based case presentations with generous use of Audio- Video are the key features of the programme.

At present, 20-25 participants are attending on a regular basis.

Looking at the demand of the programme, Ahmedabad Study Circle, which is working under the guidance of HECT & ICR – Vadodara, has started a similar programme. The response is very encouraging at both the centres.

Our faculty members are being invited by various colleges from Gujarat to organize such programmes, since this programme is so successful.


This is the heart of the Institute of Clinical Research. The Standardisation of the Individual [Homoeopath] is the motto of this 1 ½ year programme for learning homoeopathy. The programme is run on the concepts and modules derived by the Late Dr M L Dhawale.

ICR Vadodara was successfully running this programme from 1997 to 2008. More than 100 doctors have been trained and are practicing standardized Homoeopathy in various parts of the state. Due to an attraction towards MD course, there were few takers of this intensive training program in Gujarat. But after the experience of this ‘fatal attraction’, the need of genuine learning programme has again come up.

LEARNER CARE – KNOWLEDGE CARE – PATIENT CARE is the motto of the training.

Guru -Shishya Parampara is still witnessed. Structured & Organized modules covering the application of various tools of Standardised Case record are learnt by the learner through exposure to various clinics and senior practitioners with direct contact with the patients!

The exposure to ICR Symposia makes them efficient practitioners and gives them the opportunity to become good presenters.

This year, five students have enrolled themselves for this INTENSIVE Learning Programme so far.

Dr Mihir Parikh has initiated the above two programmes with the active support of local faculty members at Vadodara & Ahmedabad.