Read all major aspects of Homoepathy

In Papers written by MASTER HOMOEOPATHS

The 3rd Edition of


Editor: Dr.M.L.Dhawale, M.D, (Bom.), F.H.M.S.

  • An attractive set of three hard-bound parts
  • Total Number of Papers 51
  • Total Number of Page about 1000
  • Contains an excellent ATLAS of charts on Remedies and various aspects of Homoeopathy

The Parts have the Following sections:

Part I- Introduction


Area A – Philosophical Foundations
Area B – Perceiving  : Mental State
Area C – Perceiving  : Miasmatic Evolution

Part II- Introduction

Area D – Perceiving Scientific Method: Repertorization

Area E – Artificial Drug Disease : Production

Area F – Artificial Drug Disease : Perceiving

Area G – Perceiving Practice : Standardization of Individualization

Part III- Introduction

Area H – The Standardized Homoeopathic Physician : Perceiving Production

The volume is a collection of Papers making a significant original contribution to the Theory & Practice of Scientific Homoeopathy. The authors speak from their rich clinical experience, and with utter conviction about what they are expounding.

Collectively, all the Areas cover the entire field by Homoeopathy: its theory, practice and education. Each area covers its own central theme in depth, as well as establishing links with the other areas.

Certainly a book worth possessing!