History of Medicine and Homoeopathy

Navin Pawaskar

M.D. (Hom.)

Why another book on History of Medicine? Why on History of Homoeopathy?

In this book –

  • History of medicine comes alive through the background of the era
  • Summative comments help the readers to grasp the important points quickly
  • History of Medicine linked with Homoeopathy through tracing the origin, similarities and differences in each era
  • Two fold tracing of History of Homoeopathy – through the evolution of Homoeopathic concepts and their practice and through tracking country wise progress of Homoeopathy
  • Biographical sketches & photos of prominent Homoeopaths from India and abroad – 56 in all
  • 40 photographs illustrating important contributions and landmarks
  • Chapters on the modern application of Homoeopathy in today’s world
  • Chapter on mainstreaming of Homoeopathy –close to the heart of every Homoeopath
  • Useful for both postgraduate & undergraduate students of Homoeopathy
  • 380 pages with 16 photographic plates

Dr. Navin Pawaskar, Former Director, Hospital Services, Rural Homoeopathic Hospital & Reader, Dept. of Medicine, Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Homeopathic Institute, has been passionately interested in the study of History as a student. He has also been teaching History of Medicine to the M.D. (Hom) students since the inception of the course. He is thus most suited to write a book of such great scope and depth.

What Dignitaries say about the book –
Late Dr. D. P. Rastogi, former Director, Central Council for Research in Homeopathy –‘The book certainly fulfils all the needs of the postgraduate student of Homoeopathy. The canvas the book covers can benefit all who love Homoeopathy dearly and who benefit from its immense reach.’

Dr. K.P. Muzumdar, former Director, National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata, ‘Navin has done a wonderful job of putting together the history of medicine and Homoeopathy in this particular way. It also described where we are in India with respect to the development of Homoeopathy. Overall I am very happy to see this book.’

Dr. P.Y. Devadiga, Professor of Organon of Medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy, C. M. P. College, Mumbai, ‘History is a dry subject most of the times! The author has talked, not just about the medical part, but also about the economic, cultural and social facts of that time. Medicine has traveled a very long distance. In this book, Dr. Navin has traced this entire journey, from the past of the future.’

What the Author Says – ‘We wanted to have something more than just an academic effort to remember the dates and the contributes, to correlate the evolution of medicine and Homoeopathy, to see how one has contributed to the growth of the other. As a teacher, I realized that maybe if we present the history in an integrated manner, the meaning that we give to the past will become clearer.’

We find that history is like going up and down on a spiral of DNA. You go around the same place, except that the level changes. The concepts are the same, only they get refined and evolve over the years. We have put areas under separate heading and the connections are very evident.

You start the book with the history, but you come out of it looking at the future!’