The Dr. M L Dhawale Memorial Organizations are proud that our beloved Dr. Nityanand Tiwari, Director, Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institution, Institutional Mentor, and Prof Emeritus, Department of Organon and Homoeopathic Philosophy, Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute, Palghar has been appointed on the Governing Board of the Central Council of Homoeopathy by the Central Government. This is not only a National recognition of the long, meaningful work of Tiwari Sir himself in the field of Homoeopathic Education and Research but also an implicit acknowledgement of the contribution of the late Dr. M. L. Dhawale, now represented by the the work of Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Organizations.

While wishing Tiwari Sir the very best of health in order to carry forwards the mission to restore the credibility to Homoeopathic Education, we must not forget that the Nation will now look to our Palghar and Sumeru campuses for inspiration and guidance. Let us all, teachers, students and staff, resolve to support Tiwari sir in all manner so that the task that he has been entrusted by the country is fulfilled.

Congratulations, Tiwari Sir from all of us!

Dr. K. M. Dhawale

On behalf of Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Organizations