BMC’s Holistic Mother & Child Care Hospital, Dahisar


This hospital started its journey from Oct 2005 and is run on the concept of Public-Private Partnership with the BMC for a period of 10 years, extendable to 30 years more.

MLDT has been working in Mother and Child Care along with integration of homoeopathy since 2002. The hospital is located centrally, near Dahisar railway station, in the east.

The main aim of the hospital is to provide quality medical services to the mother & child segment of below poverty line population at rates on par with any other municipal hospitals. Thus all orange ration card holders & below poverty line population would receive mother and child services at BMC rates. Out of the 30-beds of the hospital, 25% i.e. 8 beds are reserved for the below poverty line patients.

Other patients who don’t have orange ration card, but are poor, get our services at concessional rates. The other general population also receives our services in 40-50% less charges as compared to other private hospitals & nursing homes in Dahisar Borivali Belt.

The population near the hospital area is mixed. It consists of middle class, lower middle class and poor people as well. It has less of higher class people. There are 13 padas (cluster of urban slums) around the hospital. The total population in these padas is around 6 lakhs.

OPD Services

General Homoeopathic

General Medicine




Child Psychiatry


Child and Adolescent Clinic

This service was initiated with the help of Muskaan – of TISS (Tata Institute of Social Service), Deonar, Mumbai since year 2008. The team of Homoeopathic doctors along with the team of psychologist, social worker, councilors from Muskaan attend to the children and young adults who seek guidance. Promotional activities such as to provide facilities for skilled assessment and treatment of children with problems of behaviour, scholastic, personality and emotional disturbance, guide parents in promoting the mental health of the children, work in the direction of preventing behavioural and emotional problems to promote mental health of children and raise general awareness about child mental health at the urban community level. So far the clinic has seen 314 patients. The projects under Muskaan: Flying High-A Life Skills Education Programme, launched in collaboration with Bombay Public Community Trust (closed), GEMS-Gender Equity Movement in Schools (ongoing). Working in BMC schools on issues related to children and adolescent mental health.

Health Camps:

  • Training of Social Health Workers.
  • Screening of BMC, Private School children
  • Hb detection, BMD, Lacer  detection, dental check up for ANC mother etc.
  • All these activities in various padas and anganwadis.
  • School mental health assessments.
Mental Health Programme

An independent psychiatric OPD functioning three days a week under the guidance of experienced psychiatrist, sees about a 150-200 patients per week.

We treat psychiatric and/or psychological conditions with HOMOEOPATHY where the emphasis is not solely on achieving relief from distressing symptoms, but on promoting health and happiness.

Specialized child psychiatric opd started an year back treats children and adolescents for various disorders related to Psychological, Neurological, Educational and Behavioral issues. The treatment is carried out in a holistic manner where in medicinal measures are accompanied by allied therapies like remediation, counseling under a single roof. We also help the parents of these children to deal with their own difficulties ensuring that the parents become an active part of the treatment through counseling.

In the course of our work in last many years it was quite evident that “preventing mental problem served a better purpose than curing it “. So we have been visiting various schools and and Anganwadis spreading awareness about mental health and provide preventive care and therapeutic interventions (where required).


  • Screenings for scholastic difficulties and behavioral problems in BMC and PVT. Schools in and around Dahisar.
  • Identification and guidance for further management of potential cases.
  • Providing mental health facilities like medicines and remediation at a relatively less charges for the financially challenged group.
  • Orientation of the Anganwadi worker regarding awareness of mental health being a integral aspect of a child’s well being and a right to every child.

We believe that India today needs a more humanistic and holistic approach to mental health care and it an everybody’s right.

Dahisar Hospital